04 March 2012

Totally Tae Kwon Do

In the March 2012 edition (Issue #37) my contribution on "Do and War", which is a much expanded version of the notes on the topic I made here on the blog in January, is the feature article. You can read it on pages 11 to 13.

Another article on a similar theme than mine, albeit discussing more current concerns is "Why Fight?" (p. 23-24) by Dave Lomas. It explores some reasons why people take up martial arts and also warns that the mere act of doing martial arts could entice other people to challenge you to fighting.

A contribution in this issue that I especially liked is the one by Brendan Doogan in which he explores the diagram origins of the ITF patterns. He shows how the pattern "floor plan" is based on certain Chinese characters and speculate on their symbolic meaning. The article starts on p. 19.

A also liked the essay by Master Doug Cook about our ever progressive increase in the understanding of techniques, which he refers to as "Revelations" (p. 39-41).

There are many other interesting looking contributions as well, but I haven't read them yet.

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