28 February 2012

Visiting My Home Dojang

It was my privilege to train at the Potchefstroom Dojang last week Tuesday with a nice group of enthusiastic students. I was happy to cover the most basic kicks: front snap kick, turning kick, side piercing kick, hook kick, and back kick; and also show how we combine these five kicks into a balance and coordination exercise that we call "Five Direction Kicking" -- O-ju-chagi, which is one of our Soo Shim Kwan's basic drills. Then we focussed on the sine wave principle in a similar way as I did with the two previous seminars in Pinetown and Pretoria respectively, although my time was much more constrained. After class we had a short thirty minute over-time in which we looked at how to  perform balgyeong techniques.

Although the students were all of lower rank, I saw much potential in them and their eagerness and enthusiasm reflected the passion of their instructor, Bsbnim Philip de Vos, the current full time instructor of the Potchefstroom Taekwon-Dojang.

I have to apologise to the Potchefstroom Dojang for spending such a short time with you. Unfortunately things just didn't work out as planned during this trip to South Africa. I hope to stay much longer in Potchefstroom when I visit again next year, God-willing.

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