04 September 2023

Taekwondo as a Transmodern Martial Art: Transcending Premodern and Modern Paradigms

In December of 2020 I posted an essay here in which I proposed a classification of martial arts as premodern, modern, and transmodern. This led to an interview with the Combat Learning Podcast, and a follow up essay on the idea of Postmodern martial arts.

Then earlier this year I was invited to give a presentation at Youngsan University's 3rd International Taekwondo Conference (jointly organized with Kasetsart University's KU Taekwondo Academy). So, I decided to revisit the topic of premodern, modern, and transmodern martial arts -- specifically focusing on Taekwondo. I forgot to post the recording of my presentation at the conference earlier, but I finally got around to posting it here.


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