21 October 2008

First Contact

Today I made contact with the ITF school in Seoul. It is located at Itaewon, a very fusion (foreigner friendly) part of Seoul and about an hour from where I live.

I'm not sure how often I'll go train there as I'm already cutting it thin with my Hapkido and Taekkyeon training, as well as going to the gym. But I am planning to test for 4th Dan next year, so I will make an effort of going to the ITF dojang occasionally.

Another problem is that I'm already spending lots of money on martial art tuition. As it is I'm spending over a R1000 a month on class fees. Adding to this the Taekwon-Do class fees is a serious consideration. The Taekwon-Do tuition fee for a single session is a hefty $50 (R400)! Monthly payment is much cheaper and works out at around R550 a month, however you have to pay three months in advance. I will therefor have to really consider my budget and see if I can effort it all, both financially and timewise.

Bsb Sanko

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