08 February 2012

Seminar at the ATC Dojang, Pretoria

The seminar at the ATC dojang in Pretoria went well, I think. It was a full class of keen students of all ranks and ages, so I attempted to keep it both simple and interesting. As planned, I focused on the sine wave principle and how it can be applied in a variety of techniques, from basic movements to throws and take downs. I particularly spent time on demonstrating how one can "ride" a continuous wave, using the downward phases for techniques that require downward mass, and using upward phases for techniques that have upward trajectories.

Afterwards the black belts came together for a short black belt training session. I shared with them the concept of balgyeong (impact techniques, rather than momentum techniques). This too, was well received.

My appreciation goes to the ATC dojang, in particular Sbnims Karel and Annari Wethmar for inviting me to present the workshop. It has become an annual institution for me to visit the ATC dojang on my South Africa trips, and also a highlight to visit with them once a year.
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