11 September 2010

The (Sine) Wave in Aikido

In my previous post on the wave principle I mentioned that it is not unique to ITF Taekwon-Do; that once you understand it you will notice it as being part of many martial art systems, particularly the soft style martial arts. In the two videos below, Aikido instructor Doug Wedell explains the "waveform" in Aikido.

The keen observer will notice very similar movements and ideas as we see and do in ITF Taekwon-Do. Particularly try to look for the sine wave motion, the down-up-down form. Mr Wedell explains this down-up-down concept in an analogy of bouncing a ball.

"Waveforms, look for them everywhere; they are in every Aikido movement," says Doug Wedell. To this I want to reply: "The wave principle; look for it everywhere; it is in every Taekwon-Do movement."

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