27 September 2010

Congratulations to Bsbnim Philip

Congratulation to Boosabeomnim Philip de Vos for getting a bronze medal in the Patterns Category during the recent National South African ITF Taekwon-Do Championships.

Mr Philip de Vos is a 1st degree black belt and instructor of the Potchefstroom dojang. Since he does not have a full time instructor (with me living in South Korea at present) who can check and assist him with his patterns regularly, his achievement during the championships is a great testament to his personal dedication and training. Well done, Bsbnim Philip!

Mr de Vos was also approached by the SA-ITF President and ITF Executive Council member, Mr Dirk Nel, to represent the Potchefstroom Regional Academy and to be my proxy as Soo Shim Kwanjang (head), at an upcoming SA-ITF National Council Meeting. Bsbnim Philip's continued involvement and active participation in Taekwon-Do events are definitely noticed and much appreciated.

Sb Sanko

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