18 July 2010

Penn & Teller's Bullshit

I watched the first season of Penn & Teller's Bullshit in which they expose different common held believes as nonsense. I soon, however, realised that while many of the episodes are accurate, it is clear that they are not objective in their assessments. They are not trying to convey objective facts, but enforce their own view -- which is, to their credit, common sense most of the time. I soon lost interest in the program.

Recently a new episode in which they try to make out all martial art training to be worthless started to grab the attention of the martial art community. I tried to watch this episode of Bullshit, but quickly saw that they were up to their old antics again and decided not to waste my time any further. Since I'm not going to watch the whole episode, I cannot respond to it.

However, below are two links to other martial art bloggers whom did watch the whole episode and who wrote decent replies in which they highlighted the problems with the program:

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