22 June 2010


On Sunday morning I hosted an "Introduction to Tricking Workshop" at The Way Martial Arts Academy of Seoul.

The introduction workshop covered the basic spinning kicking techniques which are the fundamentals for doing tricking. Once these basics were covered we introduced some of the more advanced tricking techniques.

The workshop basically followed the following structure:

1. Warm up and stretching
2. Crescent Kick, Turning Kick (aka Roundhouse Kick), and Heel Hook Kick
3. Spinning Kicks
4. Combination Spinning Kicks
5. Jumping Spinning Kicks
6. Introduction to more advanced tricking techniques: Aerial Kick, 360 Degree Kick, 540 Degree Kick.
7. A Demonstration of Tricking Combinations
8. Cool down and Stretching.

Six people (three Americans, a South African, a Frenchman, and a Korean) attended, each with different martial art backgrounds and levels of experience. I always enjoy how a common interest can bring such different people together.

The video below is of Wesley giving the demonstration of tricking combos and inspiring the rest of us.

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