01 October 2008

Mr Price Sport

Have you noticed the Mr Price Sport in the Mooirivier Mall? I walked through a day or two ago. They are sporting (pun intended) a lot of equipment and there is even some Karate doboks and colour belts. I don't know if the Karate doboks differ from ours, but it looked similar enough. Perhaps next time we need equipment/clothing, we should also check there...


Khatija said...

I also noticed it. They have Karate doboks and belts with the karate signs on them. I think that they only stock karate clothing.

I couldnt find anything there that had tkd on it.

Althou they do have gloves,shin pads,headgear etc that we may use.

I think that the new Mr Price is great.

Sanko said...

The belts can probably be used. If need be, just take off the Karate-labels.

It would be great if the sparring gear can be used by our students.