23 July 2008

eZines, Newsletters and Links


I’m just reminding you of two (relatively) recent electronic publications by the SA-ITF, which you can download (right-click and save-as) from the links below.

The Sidekick (July 2008)

This is an eZine (electronic magazine) produced by the SA-ITF’s Research & Education Directorate of which I’m the director. The Sidekick contains many interesting Taekwon-Do essays and articles; including our (Soo Shim Kwan) contribution regarding breakfall techniques.

The SA-ITF Newsletter (May 2008)

Taekwon-Do news from around South Africa is collected and disseminated via the Newsletter. Find out what’s happening at other Taekwon-Do kwan and dojang in South Africa.

Also remember to occasionally visit the official SA-ITF website and make sure to register for our email forum: eSAITF.


Bsb Sanko

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