28 July 2008

1st Session with Master Kim

We had a good session yesterday with Master Kim at the Vanderbijlpark Dojang. This was the first of five sessions with him planned for this year, and co-hosted by us (Soo Shim Kwan) and the Shim Duk Kwan.

I’ve learned a couple of new things. I also realised that I don’t always practise what I preach. Although I know the theory, I sometimes fail to implement it in practise. That is the nice thing about training under someone. As an instructor I seldom have someone checking my techniques – so it was great to have Master Kim showing me on my mistakes. The importance of spotters in training was emphasized I think – so when you train outside of class hours, try to train with a friend that can spot your technique, or train in front of a large mirror.

I liked how he simplified the stances by focussing on how they overlap, i.e. the knee position for the back-leg in the L-stance is the same as in the sitting-stance; the knee position for the front-leg in the L-stance is the same as in the walking-stance, etc.

Master Kim also affirmed the importance of breaking down techniques to their simplest building blocks, in order to learn proper technique and not attain bad habits – which take a long time to unlearn.

The next session with Master Kim will be hosted at our dojang in Potchefstroom.


Bsb Sanko

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