Indemnity & Copy Rights

Copy Rights

Creative Commons Licence

Posts (not images) on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. This means that you may use the material for non-commercial purposes as long as you acknowledge the author. You can do so by citing the author's name as either "Soo Shim Kwan" or "Sanko Lewis" and include the URL of this blog While not necessary, an email indicating where this material is being used will be appreciated. Emails can be send to sooshimkwan at google dot com.

For commercial use of any of the posts, please contact me at the email address provided above.

Copyrights to images on this blog belong to their respective owners. Where possible, source links are provided with images used. The Soo Shim Kwan logo, the Potchefstroom Taekwon-Do Club logo, the SATI logo, and The Way logo are copyrighted and may not be used, copied, or altered. All relevant copyrights for these logos are in effect and belong exclusively to their respective owners. The Soo Shim Kwan and Potchefstroom Taekwon-Do Club logos were designed by and belongs to Sanko Lewis.

General Indemnity

This blog is for informational purposes only. No responsibility can be taken for the use, misuse or abuse of the information presented here. Always train under the guidance of a qualified instructor and apply your skills only within the boundaries of the law.

Technical Indemnity for SA-ITF Members

Members of the South Africa Taekwon-Do Institute (SATI) should adhere to the technical explanations and promotional requirements as set out by the Technical Department of SATI. Thoughts or opinions here do not supersede those of the Technical Directorate or the Promotions Committee (Kwanjangnims) of the SA-ITF, nor your own instructors.

My thoughts and opinions regarding ITF Taekwon-Do are not standard and at times even controversial. 

Technical Indemnity for Students in Korea

As an instructor of ITF Taekwon-Do in Korea at the Seoul dojang (The Way Martial Arts Gym), I try to focus on principles, concepts and techniques that may be difficult to translate into English. Students training with me in Korea at The Way should adhere to the explanations and requirements of Master Kim Hoon who is the Chief Instructor (Kwanjangnim) of The Way.

Academic Indemnity

Generally this blog is used as an informal space to generate, collect, and draft techno-philosophical ideas. Blog posts are therefor not intended as formal, academic work. When referencing this blog for academic purposes, please make sure to double check sources and also find other secondary sources to ensure that the information you wish to reference from this blog is accurate.