23 January 2012

Pinetown Stingers

Tonight I visited with the great Pinetown Stingers group of KwaZulu Natal, whom are part of the San Kwan affiliation. The San Kwan and the Soo Shim Kwan have a long and fruitful history together. My own understanding of the martial arts was positively enhanced during the times that I lived in KwaZulu Natal and trained with many members of the San Kwan.

During tonight's session at the Pinetown Stingers dojang, I gave a workshop regarding the sine wave motion in different types of techniques, from basic stepping drills, to defences against wrist release and strike (grab and punch) attacks, to throwing technique and take downs.

As always, it was lots of fun to hangout with my Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters from Natal.
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