03 February 2011

New Soo Shim Kwan Dojang

I am happy to announce that a new dojang has joined the Soo Shim Kwan.

Last night I visited with the Taekwon-Dojang in Bela Bela (Warmbaths), Limpopo Province, to meet with the instructor, Mr Gerhard Louw (2nd Dan) and meet some of the students. I taught the class, reviewing some of the ITF principles and also share some of the Soo Shim Kwan interpretations. The students are all friendly and courteous and I perceived lots of potential among them.

Mr Gerhard Louw and I have been in correspondance for a while now, and we were both very happy that I was able to arrange my traveling plans in South Africa to visit with him and welcome him into the Soo Shim Kwan structures. The SA-ITF President, Mr Dirk Nel, has also given his blessings and we are glad to announce that the Bela Bela dojang will affiliate with the SA-ITF this year.

Mr Gerhard Louw and I both received our formative Taekwon-Do training in Vanderbijlpark. Mr Louw's principle instructor was Mr Rudey Brittz, a black belt under Sabeomnim Johan Bolton. Mr Rudey Brittz was a renowned black belt when I started Taekwon-Do and my brother and I often frequented his dojang for extra training. Mr Louw had received provincial colours a number of times and was also once chosen to represent South Africa abroad; unfortunately, because of personal reasons, he could not attend the event.

We are happy to welcome Mr Gerhard Louw into the Soo Shim Kwan family. We also wish him, his wife, and their soon to be born son, all of the best for 2011.
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