04 February 2011

At a Dojang in Pretoria

Last night I taught at a dojang affiliated to the Dan Gun Kwan. The Dan Gun Kwan and the Soo Shim Kwan have very good relations as Sabeomnim Karel Wethmar, co-federation head of the Dan Gun Kwan, takes care of our (Soo Shim Kwan) gradings here in South Africa while I live abroad.

I taught at the ATC Dojang in Pretoria. After general warm ups, I covered a number of different concepts. One thing I started with was my sequence of five basic kicks, which I've titled 오주차기 Ohjuchagi -- or Five Basic Kicks. The kicks include the front snap kick in front of you; the turning kick to your side-front; the side-piercing kick to your side; the hook kick at a fourty-five degree angle to your back and the back kick; all done with the same leg.

Next, I shared with the students some Taekkyeon. We did same basic Taekkyeon stepping and a few typical Taekkyeon low kicks. I even had them do some partner work. Considering that they only had around 15 minutes to practise these motions, they did pretty well.

Finally, I spend some time on the sine wave motion, the wave principle and the circle principle and attempted to get them to understand that all of these concepts are in effect the same principle, merely approached from different points of view.

The evening finished with a Q&A session. I quite enjoyed the thoughtful questions and hope that I answered them adequately.

Attending the ATC Dojang once a year is always one of my Taekwon-Do highlights during my annual South Africa trip. I'm especially thankful for the hospitable friendship I receive from the ATC-instructors.
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Ymar Sakar said...

One of the things I'm working on is increasing the power, flexibility, and grace of my the hip seam. The area where the groin meets the thigh. Taiji Chuan's power system demands the full control of the kua, the hip seam, for power and speed.

Since I never did splits or high kicks, that's taking a bit longer than it might have taken a TKD user.

Sometimes I've done too much with the hip seam and I can hear a tendon pop in there. That's usually a sign I need to take a few days to recover.

From my personal experimentations with hand speed shock fajin power transfer, I understand very well what can happen to my lower body joints if I went full speed at the wrong angle.