02 January 2011

Totally Tae Kwon Do

In the latest issue of Totally Tae Kwon Do (Issue #23) my essay on the difference between the ITF tenets “perseverance” and “indomitable spirit” based on an earlier post from this blog is featured (p. 27). In a related essay, Master George Vitale describes how the tenets of Taekwon-Do have been a valuable force in his life, in his somewhat autobiographical essay, “Taekwon-Do & Life” (p. 17).

Apart from my submission, this issue of Totally Tae Kwon Do also features another South African submission, with the title “Interview With a Black Belt” (p. 49). Marc Chon Seng is a first degree black belt and speaks about his Taekwon-Do journey in South Africa; he is originally from the Seashells. He especially mentions his instructor Sabeomnim Gerd Hümmel of Bulsaju Kwan (Phoenix Taekwon-Do). Bulsaju Kwan is a sister Kwan of the Soo Shim Kwan as we both originated in the Vaal Triangle. Both Sabeominm Gerd Hümmel and I have as our original instructor Mr Johan Bolton. There was also a time (when I was blue belt) that Sabeomnim Gerd Hümmel was my instructor and I can concur with Marc Chon Seng's praise of him as an excellent instructor.

On this note, I wish all Taekwon-Do practitioners in South Africa, Korea, and around the world a prosperous 2011!

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