21 January 2011

South Africa Tour

Vanderbijlpark -- Steel Mill [Image Source[
I'm currently doing my annual visit in South Africa, hence the absence of more regular posts. So far I have only visited one dojang -- the Vaal River Club in Vanderbijlpark -- on Tuesday. I was at least able to also visit with the instructor and other members of the Potchefstroom Club last Saturday night.

Apart from the class on Tuesday that I taught, I haven't done much exercise; however, I have been quite busy with Taekwon-Do stuff. I've been asked to organize a reunion which is proving to be much more difficult than expected, given the constrains of not having my own vehicle and since so many people have 'disappeared'. Progress has also slowed down because I was in an automobile accident three days ago. Thankfully nobody got serious injurious, although we all have some aches and pains. It could have been much worse.

If time and opportunity arise, I will post again while in South Africa. Otherwise my next post will only be in March, after I've returned to Korea again.
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