04 April 2009

Choke Holds

Dear friends,

I've taught the "rear naked choke hold" in class on numerous occasions, stressing its effectiveness and relative safety.

A study posted on a Judo-website lists a number of cases of people dying from choke holds. In most cases the deceased were intoxicated (e.g. drugs), or had heart disease or hypertension. At the end of the article a couple of guidelines are listed. Please scan the article and read the guidelines at the end.

Another article suggests not:
  1. To perform a "choking" hold on subjects with cardiac disorders or hypertension.
  2. To apply "choking" on youngsters whose central nervous system and heart have not yet attained complete development.
  3. To continue to hold after the subject falls unconscious.
For more on chocking techniques, you can visit this web page.

Taekwon-Do regards,

Bsbnim Sanko