21 November 2008

Black Belt Grading

Philip will be going for his black belt grading on the 22nd November. We wish you luck and hope that everything goes well.


The dojang has been officially closed for the holidays from the 20th November

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you next year ...........

05 November 2008

ITF Dojang in Seoul, South Korea

Last night I joined the ITF Taekwon-Do dojang in Seoul. It is amazing to think that in the whole of Seoul, which is one of the biggest cities in the world, there is only one ITF dojang. For all practical reasons, all the other Taekwon-Do dojang in Seoul are WTF-style Taekwon-Do. For more on this, read my post on eSAITF.

I will be going to the ITF dojang twice a week in preparation for my 4th Dan test next year.

Bsb Sanko

04 November 2008

Training and Gradings

There will be a training session on the 8th November with Bsb Karel in Pretoria.

There is also a black belt and colour belt grading held on the 22 November in Pretoria

We hope that everyone can make it to these events.