21 December 2011

A South Korean Tricking Performance & Movie

The video shows some Koreans doing a Taekwon-Do tricking performance. I think it was as part of a promotion for the recent Thai / Korean family film The Kick 더 킥. See the trailer below and read more about the film at HanCinema.

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Anonymous said...

One subject that came up was whether people, as instructors, preferred a physical genius such as a super athelete (like those in the vid) as their student or if they preferred people who didn't get it and had to work for it.

I could see benefits and detriments for either side and was undecided in terms of which one I would pick. In some ways I would prefer to play to people's strengths and use that as a gateway to changing their weaknesses. A person with superior physical abilities is still mentally and spiritually at the same power of people who lack such physical grace and balance.