12 April 2011

More Drills

There have been a number of posts on drills and prearranged sparring on martial art blogosphere of late. Last week I posted on the Soo Shim Kwan's Three Step Sparring 'Basic Six', and earlier this week I posted about my Human Dummy Drill.

Apart from my blog there are some other bloggers that also posted on drills / prearranged sparring. One that is well worth checking out is Dan Djurdjevic's post in two parts on his blog The Way of Least Resistance. The two part post ("Boards Don't Hit Back" -- Part 1 / Part 2) concludes with a form of prearranged sparring where you actually practice to recover from a failed technique. I think it a very sensible drill, and a thought provoking article. It goes nicely with my earlier post on the purpose and value of prearranged sparring.

At another blog, Traditional Taekwondo Techniques, instructor Collin Wee shows a drill for the hooking block, which you can see in the video below. I really like this drill as it shows the very "waving" nature of the hooking block. Using it, students will acquire a form of fluidity that is part of Taekwon-Do, but which is often neglected.

Be sure to read Mr Wee's post in which he explains more about this drill: "Taekwondo Pattern Yul-gok Close-Quarter Drill."

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