26 January 2011

Name Suggestions for PRA

In South Africa, ITF dojang (specific ITF Taekwon-Do schools) are clustered together in academies. In other words, an academy is a group of dojang that share a chief instructor and a cultural identity. In turn, academies are affiliated to federations, called Kwan. The federation head, or Kwanjangnim, represents the academies and their dojang at the national governing body, namely the SA-ITF.

As you know, our federation's name is the Soo Shim Kwan. We have one active and one inactive academy. The active one is called the Potchefstroom Regional Academy (PRA). The name was chosen many years back because this academy comprised of dojang in and around the Potchefstroom area. At present the PRA is expanding beyond the Potchefstroom region and so the name has become obsolete. We need a new name that is not area-specific.

The name can be English or Korean. Keep in mind that the name will affect the cultural identity of the academy.

If you have any suggestions for the name change, it would be highly appreciated.
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