14 December 2009

Cartwheel Kick

The Cartwheel Kick above is by Saenchai

In the video below you can see a pretty impressive Cartwheel Kick to knock out an opponent during an MMA fight. This is the first time for me to see this kick used during a tournament, and not merely as a fancy technique during a demonstration.

Some of you may remember that we practised the kick on one or two occassions at the Potch Dojang, including the Aerial Kick, which is basically a Cartwheel Kick without your hands touching the floor. The video below is a tutorial that shows the basic cartwheel, as well as aerial.

The tutorial focusses on the technique, but does not put emphasis on these motions as actual kicks. To transform the cartwheel and aerial into a Cartwheel Kick and Aerial Kick you need to focus on the attacking tools, namely the footsword (balkal) and reverse footsword (deung balkal).

While a Carthweel Kick would be illegal during an ITF-tournament because ones hands are touching the floor, an Aerial Kick would technically not be illegal, although I've never seen it performed at a tournament before and I'm sure you'd shock the referee.

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