15 August 2008

If I could do it, you can too!

Apart from Bsb Yolandi, you all know me only as a black belt. Some of you knew me as a 2nd Dan, others as a 3rd Dan.

But I have discovered proof that will hopefully convince you that I was once a colour belt too! The photo below was sent to me by an old Taekwon-Do acquaintance, Abrie Coetzee.

On the right is my brother, Bsb Tiny, in the middle is Abrie, and on the left is, yes you've guessed it, me. I was 18 years when the photo was taken. Now you have to believe it - that I, being as clumsy as I was, got to where I'm now. So if I could do it, all of you can and I look forward to seeing you all surpassing me!


Bsb Sanko


A warm thank you to everyone that was able to join the little farewell last night. You are not only Taekwon-Do students to me, but most definitely my friends as well.

Here are two photos we took. The first, just after we had our fill at the Spur,

...and the other while having some decadent ice-cream.

God's been providing for me in "mysterious ways" again -- and it seems I will indeed depart on Wednesdag (20 August) and arrive in Korea after about 30-something hours on Thursday (21 August) in the afternoon.

But there is one more opportunity to see each other at the Parkour-session this coming Sunday, at 14:00 - starting in the Student Centre (Potchefstroom Campus).


Bsb Sanko

13 August 2008

Farewell to Bsb Sanko

Bsb Sanko lewis is going to Korea and is leaving us on the 20th August. We wish you a safe journey and good luck with everything that comes your way.

You will be missed at the Soo Shim Kwan dojang.

A get together with Bsb Sanko to say final goodbyes will be held on the 14th August.

09 August 2008

Club chairperson

Since we are an official University Sport, we have a club chairperson that represents Taekwon-Do at the Indoor Sport's Meetings, every Monday.

The 2007/2008 Taekwon-Do Club chairperson was Willem Boshoff. I just want to thank Willem for selflessly representing us there every Monday, even though he himself could not attend the Taekwon-Do classes anymore because of a clashing time table. Thank you Willem, it is really appreciated.

Taking over from Willem as 2008/2009 chairperson is Rijnhardt Maneschijn. Thanks Rijnhardt!

Recent SA-Champs

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late update.

I'm proud of all the Soo Shim Kwan members (and friends) that attended the South African National Taekwon-Do Championship last weekend (1-3 May), either as competitors or as supporters. A special congratulations to those of you that won medals: Khatija (Silver - Sparring), Charl (Silver - Sparring), Rijnhardt (Bronze - Sparring) and Werner (Bronze - Special Technique Breaking). Of the five members that competed, four brought back medals. Well done! Even thought we are the smallest federation, we can always stand proud.

Some photos...

Charl receiving his medal:

Franco doing that famous "Crane-style" kick from Karate Kid: ;)

Philip (right) on duty as an umpire:

Rijnhardt planting a kick on a competitors face!:

Werner looking cool:

Sanko and Rijnardt (and the medic oom):

Our loyal supporter, Stuward:

Why don't we have any photos of Khatija, Retha or Gerhard?!


Bsb Sanko