21 November 2008

Black Belt Grading

Philip will be going for his black belt grading on the 22nd November. We wish you luck and hope that everything goes well.


The dojang has been officially closed for the holidays from the 20th November

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you next year ...........

05 November 2008

ITF Dojang in Seoul, South Korea

Last night I joined the ITF Taekwon-Do dojang in Seoul. It is amazing to think that in the whole of Seoul, which is one of the biggest cities in the world, there is only one ITF dojang. For all practical reasons, all the other Taekwon-Do dojang in Seoul are WTF-style Taekwon-Do. For more on this, read my post on eSAITF.

I will be going to the ITF dojang twice a week in preparation for my 4th Dan test next year.

Bsb Sanko

04 November 2008

Training and Gradings

There will be a training session on the 8th November with Bsb Karel in Pretoria.

There is also a black belt and colour belt grading held on the 22 November in Pretoria

We hope that everyone can make it to these events.

21 October 2008

First Contact

Today I made contact with the ITF school in Seoul. It is located at Itaewon, a very fusion (foreigner friendly) part of Seoul and about an hour from where I live.

I'm not sure how often I'll go train there as I'm already cutting it thin with my Hapkido and Taekkyeon training, as well as going to the gym. But I am planning to test for 4th Dan next year, so I will make an effort of going to the ITF dojang occasionally.

Another problem is that I'm already spending lots of money on martial art tuition. As it is I'm spending over a R1000 a month on class fees. Adding to this the Taekwon-Do class fees is a serious consideration. The Taekwon-Do tuition fee for a single session is a hefty $50 (R400)! Monthly payment is much cheaper and works out at around R550 a month, however you have to pay three months in advance. I will therefor have to really consider my budget and see if I can effort it all, both financially and timewise.

Bsb Sanko

12 October 2008


The latest SA-ITF Newsletter is available from the SA-ITF website or use this direct link to download the .zip-document (1.49 MB).

Kwanjangnim Sanko

08 October 2008


The proposed Potch-Rhodes action has been postponed to next year due to the fact that there was not sufficient time to organize the event. Nevertheless we do look forward to it next year.

On the 27th September there was a black belt Seminar. Phillip attended the Seminar. Alot of focus was put on stances and fitness in this seminar.

A feedback from the students regarding the Sparing gear that Mr Price stocks was that the quality of these products are not very satisfactory.

01 October 2008

Mr Price Sport

Have you noticed the Mr Price Sport in the Mooirivier Mall? I walked through a day or two ago. They are sporting (pun intended) a lot of equipment and there is even some Karate doboks and colour belts. I don't know if the Karate doboks differ from ours, but it looked similar enough. Perhaps next time we need equipment/clothing, we should also check there...

14 September 2008

Red causes bias

After reading this article sent to me by Retha, and then reading the abstract of the actual scientific article from Psychological Science, I am advising you all to invest in red sparring gear. The paper shows that referees are prone to be biased in favour of competitors with red gear, especially where the competitors are of relative equal ability. (There seems to be a 13% bias towards red.)

I doubt the rules will change any time soon - so I advise you to use this information pro-actively. Maybe I can get the Research & Education Directorate to run a study of our own and see if we can determine the effect of red vs blue ribbons, and red sparring gear in particular, in the overall results. It is not sure what other colours may be "winning colours".

But again, my advice in the meantime is to get yourself red sparring gear.

12 September 2008

Possible Rhodes action

Recently Robyn from Rhodes made contact with us regarding a possible Potch-Rhodes Taekwon-Do action. How do we feel about this? Please comment...

03 September 2008

Hapkido & Taek-Kyeon

Hi everyone,

So as you probably know, I'm safe in Korea and starting to settle in.

On Monday evening I went for my first Hapkido training session since my return to Korea. The instructor was really happy to see me and hugged me.

I also started with the first of my new techniques in my black belt syllabus. The new techniques are interesting, and although I grasped the principles immediately, it still find it difficult to translates the theory into physical action.

This morning I went to my first Taek-Kyeon training class. What a strange and wonderful experience. It felt more like Tai-Chi mixed with dancing. Many of the set-techniques (patterns) are done to folk songs. So we were singing and dancing most of the time. Apart from the instructor, I am the only man, amongst a bunch of elderly ladies. There's only training twice a week: Wednesday mornings and Sunday evenings.

01 September 2008

Grading & Seminars

A colour belt grading took place on the 23 August in Pretoria at Sbn Karel Wethmar's dojang. One member (Werner) from the Soo Shim Kwan dojang attended and passed the grading. Congrats Werner !!!!!

A Seminar was held in Vanderbijlpark on the 30-31 August by Master Kim.

On another note the dojang will be closed this week due to activities taking place in the entire sport centre. The next class will be on the 8th September.

15 August 2008

If I could do it, you can too!

Apart from Bsb Yolandi, you all know me only as a black belt. Some of you knew me as a 2nd Dan, others as a 3rd Dan.

But I have discovered proof that will hopefully convince you that I was once a colour belt too! The photo below was sent to me by an old Taekwon-Do acquaintance, Abrie Coetzee.

On the right is my brother, Bsb Tiny, in the middle is Abrie, and on the left is, yes you've guessed it, me. I was 18 years when the photo was taken. Now you have to believe it - that I, being as clumsy as I was, got to where I'm now. So if I could do it, all of you can and I look forward to seeing you all surpassing me!


Bsb Sanko


A warm thank you to everyone that was able to join the little farewell last night. You are not only Taekwon-Do students to me, but most definitely my friends as well.

Here are two photos we took. The first, just after we had our fill at the Spur,

...and the other while having some decadent ice-cream.

God's been providing for me in "mysterious ways" again -- and it seems I will indeed depart on Wednesdag (20 August) and arrive in Korea after about 30-something hours on Thursday (21 August) in the afternoon.

But there is one more opportunity to see each other at the Parkour-session this coming Sunday, at 14:00 - starting in the Student Centre (Potchefstroom Campus).


Bsb Sanko

13 August 2008

Farewell to Bsb Sanko

Bsb Sanko lewis is going to Korea and is leaving us on the 20th August. We wish you a safe journey and good luck with everything that comes your way.

You will be missed at the Soo Shim Kwan dojang.

A get together with Bsb Sanko to say final goodbyes will be held on the 14th August.

09 August 2008

Club chairperson

Since we are an official University Sport, we have a club chairperson that represents Taekwon-Do at the Indoor Sport's Meetings, every Monday.

The 2007/2008 Taekwon-Do Club chairperson was Willem Boshoff. I just want to thank Willem for selflessly representing us there every Monday, even though he himself could not attend the Taekwon-Do classes anymore because of a clashing time table. Thank you Willem, it is really appreciated.

Taking over from Willem as 2008/2009 chairperson is Rijnhardt Maneschijn. Thanks Rijnhardt!

Recent SA-Champs

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late update.

I'm proud of all the Soo Shim Kwan members (and friends) that attended the South African National Taekwon-Do Championship last weekend (1-3 May), either as competitors or as supporters. A special congratulations to those of you that won medals: Khatija (Silver - Sparring), Charl (Silver - Sparring), Rijnhardt (Bronze - Sparring) and Werner (Bronze - Special Technique Breaking). Of the five members that competed, four brought back medals. Well done! Even thought we are the smallest federation, we can always stand proud.

Some photos...

Charl receiving his medal:

Franco doing that famous "Crane-style" kick from Karate Kid: ;)

Philip (right) on duty as an umpire:

Rijnhardt planting a kick on a competitors face!:

Werner looking cool:

Sanko and Rijnardt (and the medic oom):

Our loyal supporter, Stuward:

Why don't we have any photos of Khatija, Retha or Gerhard?!


Bsb Sanko

30 July 2008

July newsletter

The July issue of the SA-ITF's Newsletter is available for download as a zipped file from the SA-ITF website. It contains a short write-up regarding our recent seminar with Master Kim Jong Su.

28 July 2008

Thoughts on Triangles

The following is from Retha's keyboard and also features on eSAITF as message #348:

Seminars with master Kim are always an experience. Since this seminar comes as a new deal between him, our kwan and a sister/brother kwan (is a kwan male or female?), he has started revising the very basics of Taekwon-Do with us.

He spent some time, showing us the angles in our triangles :-) I knew this before, but I never knew it like this. In any technique a triangle can be formed in multiple ways. The interesting thing is that in some guards and hand techniques the three points are represented by your body. In a stance, for good balance the third point is outside of your body; your body forming the base of the triangle. If you want to topple your opponent, you would attack him from the direction of the empty point. And interestingly enough, at some point he also demonstrated that in some cases (specifically sparring) the third point becomes your opponent. I think he showed the base points in your body, but when I think about it in sparring there is an empty point. You and your opponent would form the base of the triangle, while the third point represents the direction you could move in: moving towards the empty point gives you the most chance of successful flight, moving from the best chance of successful attack. It seems that there are triangles everywhere.

These two pictures are from the ITF Encyclopaedia depicting the triangle in the parallel stance and L-stance punches.

1st Session with Master Kim

We had a good session yesterday with Master Kim at the Vanderbijlpark Dojang. This was the first of five sessions with him planned for this year, and co-hosted by us (Soo Shim Kwan) and the Shim Duk Kwan.

I’ve learned a couple of new things. I also realised that I don’t always practise what I preach. Although I know the theory, I sometimes fail to implement it in practise. That is the nice thing about training under someone. As an instructor I seldom have someone checking my techniques – so it was great to have Master Kim showing me on my mistakes. The importance of spotters in training was emphasized I think – so when you train outside of class hours, try to train with a friend that can spot your technique, or train in front of a large mirror.

I liked how he simplified the stances by focussing on how they overlap, i.e. the knee position for the back-leg in the L-stance is the same as in the sitting-stance; the knee position for the front-leg in the L-stance is the same as in the walking-stance, etc.

Master Kim also affirmed the importance of breaking down techniques to their simplest building blocks, in order to learn proper technique and not attain bad habits – which take a long time to unlearn.

The next session with Master Kim will be hosted at our dojang in Potchefstroom.


Bsb Sanko

24 July 2008


With the SA-Champs about only two weeks away (1-3 August) some of you may be considering carbo-loading in preparation of the event.

There’s a section on carbo-loading in my article on Carbohydrates (PDF-document).

The whole series of articles on Taekwon-Do and Nutrition can be downloaded at our university website.


Bsb Sanko

23 July 2008

eZines, Newsletters and Links


I’m just reminding you of two (relatively) recent electronic publications by the SA-ITF, which you can download (right-click and save-as) from the links below.

The Sidekick (July 2008)

This is an eZine (electronic magazine) produced by the SA-ITF’s Research & Education Directorate of which I’m the director. The Sidekick contains many interesting Taekwon-Do essays and articles; including our (Soo Shim Kwan) contribution regarding breakfall techniques.

The SA-ITF Newsletter (May 2008)

Taekwon-Do news from around South Africa is collected and disseminated via the Newsletter. Find out what’s happening at other Taekwon-Do kwan and dojang in South Africa.

Also remember to occasionally visit the official SA-ITF website and make sure to register for our email forum: eSAITF.


Bsb Sanko

18 July 2008

Seminar with Master Kim

Soo Shim Kwan and Shim Duk Kwan are co-hosting a series of five seminars by Master Kim (7th Dan). The seminars will alternate every month between the Vanderbijlpark Dojang and Potchefstroom Dojang.

The first seminar occurs on Sunday, 27 July 2008 and will be hosted by Shim Duk Kwan’s Vanderbijlpark Dojang at Historia Primary School. It will start at 14:00 and costs R50 per person.

Let’s all try and go. This will also be excellent for patterns preparation for the South Africa National Taekwon-Do Championships the following weekend.


Bsb Sanko

14 July 2008

"Secret Training"

Occasionally, once the normal training is finished students start their secret training. For instance, Khatija practises flying (with a little help from Retha)…

Franco trains his deadly monkey choke…

Gerhard practices for the handstand marathon…

Retha terrifies any would-be assailant with picture perfect side kicks…

And who knows what this dude is doing?!

02 July 2008

Who's Afraid of Winter?

Class attendance usually drops during the Winter Break, but these Taekwon-Doin showed their indomitable spirit by coming to class regardless the weather or the varsity break. Thanks guys and gals - you make me proud! Coincidentally all the belt colours are represented: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black!

Bsb Sanko


Hi all Soo Shim Kwan members and friends. Welcome to our new blog. I’ll post some photos soon, and hopefully we can also use this blog as a notice board for events and the like.

Bsb Sanko